Artist Statement

My art is an evaluation of human nature, specifically as it manifests itself in Western Civilization. Concepts such as wrong and right, good and bad, chaos and order, are the dualistic lens through which our culture views itself and the world. For me, this simplified way of perceiving is absurd, but, at the same time, such dramatic comparisons have an element of strange beauty to them. By using unsettling and unnatural visuals, I attempt to expose others to its existence in their own lives. Once the connection has been made, I attempt to pass on the significance of critical thought and perception to my viewers.

I use antithetical elements and configurations to create unsettling compositions. The frozen scenes and objects as a question posed to viewers about the essence of the visual. Linear and organic, beauty and decay, deterioration and growth; these are all dichotomies commonly contemplated in my creations. Desolate landscapes, and imperfect forms are contrasted by the staged manner in which they are presented. The element of theatricality is a dominant aspect in both my compositions and my concepts. The human figure is often paired with objects or props which serve as symbols to societal concepts and ideas. Traditions and beliefs are referenced in an exaggerated manner to question their rationalization as acceptable norms in the contemporary world. Staged scenes and structures are commonly utilized to not only provide isolation and distance between the objects or figures and their surroundings, but also distance between the scene and the viewer. Though I readily distinguish my scenes from the reality of my viewer, I use subjects reminiscent of our world to provide the audience with cognitive associations I would like them to have.

Curriculum Vitae


2013-2016:   Bachelor of Fine Arts: Painting and Ceramic

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO

Teaching Experience:

2016:       Painting Instructor

Alpha Delta Pi Mother-Daughter Painting Class, Maryville, MO

Acrylic demonstration             

   Painting Instructor

2015:        Alpha Delta Pi Sisters Painting Class

Acrylic demonstration, still life instruction 

International Studies:

Summer 2015: 

       Rome, Italy 

       Orvieto, Italy 

       Florence, Italy 



2016:       "Gallery Zeke Artist in Residence"

Steelville, MO

Solo Exhibitions:

2016:      "B.F.A. Thesis Show" 

         Maryville, MO 


Juried/Group Exhibitions:

2017:      2nd Place "Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art's Annual Membership Show", juried exhibition 

Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, MO 

  "Works on Paper", group exhibition 

Maryville, MO 

  Public Choice "UPD Art Show", juried exhibition 

Maryville, MO 

  "Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art's Undergraduate Juried Exhibition", juried exhibition 

Albrecht Kemper Museum of Art, St. Joseph, MO 

  "Kansas City Artists Coalition's 2017 Undergraduate College Student Exhibition, juried       exhibition 

Artists Coalition's Mallin and Charno Galleries, Kansas City, MO 


2016:      "REAF Regional Art Show" 

Rochester, NY 

  "North on 71", group exhibition 

 Kansas City, MO 

  "Pop-up Gallery", group exhibition 

 Maryville, MO 

  2nd Place "Juried Student Exhibition" juried exhibition 

 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 

  "2016 Celebration of Quality" juried exhibition 

 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 

  "College Student Art Exhibition" group exhibition 

 Gallery Zeke, Steelville, MO 

  "Artists in Residence Show" group exhibition 

 Steelville, MO 

  "International Week Art Display" 

 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 


 Maryville Arts Council, Maryville, MO 

2014:      "Juried Student Exhibition" juried exhibition 

 Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 

Curatorial Experience:

2017:    "UPD Art Show" juried exhibition 

Northwest Missouri State University, Maryville, MO 

"Works On Paper" group exhibition 

The Pub, Maryville MO 


2015-2016:  Clay Club, Vice President 

Events, meetings, organization 

Northwest Missouri State University 

2015-2016:  Clay Club, Member 

Events, meetings, organization 

Northwest Missouri State University 

2014:      Kappa Pi, Member 

Events, meetings, organization 

Northwest Missouri State University 

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